How dFenceʼs GPS Technology Works

You surround your vehicle with a GPS-based “geo-fence”

You activate the “geo-fence” in just seconds using either the dFence smartphone app. If your vehicle is moved beyond the boundaries of the geo-fence, you’ll receive a text or email alert.

If your vehicle is stolen, you can track your vehicle using the smartphone app or the dFence website

Youʼll see your vehicle’s location, speed, and direction in real time on a map. If you want to report this to the police, you quickly approve an affidavit that allows the police access to your account.

You are able to provide law enforcement with the address, speed, and direction of your vehicle

This changes the theft’s legal status from “crime committed” to “crime in progress”, connoting Priority 1 Status.

Using the smartphone app or website, you can optionally direct dFence to email two police departments: your local department, and the one closest to the vehicle

This email:

  1. Informs them that your vehicle has been taken, and provides a description of the vehicle as well as your contact information.
  2. Gives them the URL they can click, along with a password, so they can track your vehicle online in real time just as you are doing.

All police cars in the area can be immediately given the description, location, direction and speed of your vehicle

Recovery should be only minutes away!

Antiquated radio technology is asleep until you wake it up… but dFence never rests!